Bondag or bondage from the word itself is term used for being a slave or being controlled by someone in a form of being restrained or tied up (using cuffs, ropes, etc.). Nowadays, bondage has been popular as a form of sexual pleasure. Some couples or sexual partners are doing this as part of foreplay because it gives an extraordinary sensation to them, both for the one being tied up and the one in control.

Bondag adult toys include:

  • Cuffs
  • Spreader bar
  • Bondage belts
  • Suspension bar
  • Posture bar
  • Waist cincher
  • Bondage vest
  • Arm splints
  • Collar and leashes
  • Chastity belts devices
  • Cock and ball toys
  • Gags and muzzles
  • Masks and head harness
  • Shackles and binds
  • Straightjackets
  • Sex swings
  • Nipple toys
  • Blindfolds
  • Dungeon hardware
  • Impact cane or crop
  • Flogger
  • Whip
  • Tickling feather
  • Paddle and slapper

Bondag has been used to satisfy sexual fantasies by creating erotically stimulating feeling and sexual arousal. It has been found out that sexual fantasies of most men and women is about having their partner being in cuff, tied in rope, or in submissive position so they could do anything they want that is under their control, that is where the dominant part in sexual emotions are being satisfied. Same level of arousal goes with the one being in the bondage, the state of being helpless gives sensation.


Bondag has been used during the past times even if you think that past events are more conservative. Bondag has been the mainstream of some literary forms such as writings and art pieces like paintings. You would see several paintings which show woman being in bondag and tied up like in “Andromeda Chained to the Rocks”.