Enema Supplies and Equipments

Enema Supplies and Equipments

Enema supplies have been associated with BDSM and for fetish sexual activities. Since enemas are commonly used for medical purposes, these stuffs can be easily purchased through drugstores or medical supplies and equipments shop. But for the purpose of associating it with your sexual act it would be best to have it purchased from your local fetish or bondage shop as proper instructions on how to use them could be provided to you. Enemas are commonly deposited to the anus.

The enema supplies that you could buy at any bondage shops are specifically designed for your sexual purpose. It’s usually available in kits or sets—an enema bag, hose, set of enema tips, and hanging hooks.  When using this, safety precautions must be applied or better check what kind of liquids you can put on the enema bag so you won’t end up poisoning yourself or having allergic reactions.

Basically enema bags should contain liquids such as of course, an enema solution or a warm distilled water. Cold water could cause cramps to the person being experimented on. First time users of enema supplies could guarantee that the process is painful, but as the saying goes “try and try until you succeed” will make you get used to the feeling of having enemas applied to you.

Before placing the enema to your partner always make sure that the anus is properly lubricated so the tube will slide easily inside and won’t damage the rectal areal. Panicking is one of the common emotions a person might feel because they are not sure what to feel and could not guarantee themselves that this activity will be safe for them particularly for the first time users.

It is always best to relax while doing this activity and try to feel the liquid passing though the anus. It could be somehow painful that is why these enema supplies are being categorized as tools for BDSM.