The most commonly used sex toys are the insertables which are available in different forms. These things are more common to women because their pleasure comes more often from having something inserted to their genitals. For same sex intercourse particularly for men, insertables are also used for the anus.

Almost all sex toys are insertable type. But the most common is the dildo in which price ranges from $30 to $300 or more, depending on the brand and quality. This thing comes in different shapes and sizes, and it is molded accordingly to a human’s penis.

There are silicone dildos which are very comfortable to use. There are also double ended insertables in which have double purpose, one end for the vagina and the other end for the anus. Insertable  sex toys are also made available from other materials such as acrylic plastic, glass, stone, and metals. These materials are more expensive than the silicone based insertables because they are more durable and easier to clean.

Beads and balls are also popular type of insertables, it’s like a probe with spheres falling in line with small space apart from each other. This probe with beads and balls can either be used for the vagina or the anus. K-ball is a very popular type of beads and balls insertable. Ben-wa balls is a different type, it’s like bigger beads but are not attached to a probe. It is just used as an insert to the vagina, as it vibrates through the body’s motion. These balls are not intended for anal use because of the possibility that it may get stuck in the anus.

Insertables are also available from materials like rubber and vinyl. There are also insertables like those dildos made from synthetic human skin which are molded from a real penis or from penis of porn stars.