Sex Machines

Sex Machines

If playing by yourself is what you do most of the time, then to have yourself a sex machine would be most convenient for you. Sex machines or more popularly known as fucking machines are great for those who satisfy themselves alone as you are not required to exert effort but only electricity supply to keep your machine working full time.

Sex machine is a mechanical device that works like a human pump. It’s like a high-tech vibrator or an automatic dildo. The machine could be placed on a flat surface and you could choose what position you would do for yourself as the machine will do its task—move to and fro, circular, or any other stroke depending on the machine. The speed could be adjustable, depending on your desire. 

The benefit of having sex machine is that it will give you a relax position anywhere around your house such as laid position in the sofa, bed, kitchen counter, etc, or standing position as well as sitting position or even dog style. The adjusting device could be remote or attached in a wire so you could hold it while in position and adjust the level if you wish. Since it is an electronic device, it will never get tired just like humans.

Since sex machines are the sophisticated versions of vibrators, dildos, and insertables, the price for this apparatus is quite expensive. The cheapest one available could range from $50 – $75 but that kind could not guarantee its durability. The price of a good sex machine could range from $300 up to around $1500.

Sex machines are also associated with BDSM. Some sex machines are available with built in straps and bondage gears for BDSM sexual activities. Just like other sex toys and bondage gears, safety measures should also be applied when using sex machines since electricity is being used to make it work.