Electrosex Gear

Electrosex Gear

Some people would find electrosex gear more titillating than other sexual toys and gears.

What is electrosex gear and how does it work? Electrosex gear uses electricity through electric current which is being applied to a certain sexual device to stimulate the nerves. Electrosex gear is used to electrocute the genital part but it can also be used on other parts of the body and is frequently used during foreplays.

 The intense of electricity could be adjustable but using this kind of device must require extreme caution for it can cause damage on tissue, serious injury, or it can even lead to death. Electric current can also trigger heart failure when the electricity passes through the body and can also cause some skin burns.

 Below are some kinds of electrosex gears with a short description and the way they function.

  • Electro stimulation units – including on this device are the pads that you put on the surface of your body, the box or power unit where the electric frequency could be measured and adjusted, and some other electrocuting tools.
  • Electro vibrators – it is a vibrator type device that produces electric current.
  • Electric insertables and probes – these could be made from metals or silicones that used as insertables which creates mild electric current.
  • Clitoral and Nipple stimulators – Electrosex gear is also designed for other body parts such as the nipple and clitoris. For the clitoris, an electric current on the tip of the pliers-type device or a clamp is used. For the nipples, electric breast cups and pinwheels are used.
  • Scrotal and penis stimulators – Examples of these are electro ball stretcher, electro ball parachute, an electro sheath with strap that could be wrapped around the penis, electro penis loops, and electro rings. The electrosex gear is found to be effective for men.

To make it more effective and safe for you to use, application of gel and lubes should be done properly together with the electrosex gear that you will use.