Floggers has been used since ancient times, these are tools for punishment. Captives or culprits during the old ages are being tortured by floggers before sentencing to death or imprisonment.

There are many different kinds of floggers that you can try—from light to heavy. Floggers are often used on BDSM sex play for the purpose of giving pain and pleasure.  For first time users, it would be recommended to use floggers that provide light touch on your skin and the right amount of pain. Carefulness is also a must since floggers can impose harm on your body if used repeatedly. Excessive use of this tool can cause cuts, bruise, wound, and other skin break outs. You have to get to know your partner’s body first and make sure that the amount of pain is just enough for him or her to resist.

Learning the right strokes for flogging should also be observed. There are several techniques that you can apply when using floggers. There are some strokes that may sound and look violent and harsh but the effect on your partner could be just fine.

Examples of floggers are:

  • Rabbit fur floggers – This type of floggers is relatively light and is made of processed rabbit fur or synthetic rabbit fur. It gives more tickling sensation rather than pain.
  • Leather floggers – The strands are made from animal skin. This could be quite heavy depending of the stroke applied. These are the most commonly used flogger for BDSM sex activity.
  • Chain or metal flogger – Each tress of flogger is made from chain or metal. This type looks more violent and the effect could give bruises or cuts to the body so careful instructions should be followed. This should be used by those who are expert on these stuffs.
  • Rubber floggers – These floggers are just fine and good as toy floggers.

There are also other materials for floggers such as suede, silicon, and horse hair.