If you thought that dildoes are just things of the present times, then you could be wrong because dildoes has been used long ago, in fact it has been used during the ancient times as well. It’s just nowadays that dildoes are more developed and it comes on different styles, sizes, and varieties.

It is for you to know what kind of dildo is good for you and will satisfy you the way you want to be satisfied just like the real thing. Dildoes could be made from silicone, rubber, jelly, metals, plastics, and latex.

Types of Dildoes:

  • ·         Realistic dildo – this type is molded from a real penis and the material used for it is somehow like a real human skin. This can be used or inserted on any part you wish which could be according to your sexual desire.
  • ·         G-spot dildo – Dildoes like this one are typically longer than the usual and has a curvy shape particularly on the end part.
  • ·         Double-ended dildo – It has two ends with two functions. The other end is for vaginal stimulation while the other one is for anal stimulation. Both ends are designed based on their purpose. The one for vagina is thicker and wider while the other end is narrow and smaller.
  • ·         Harness dildo – is commonly used by same sex intercourse. Harness dildo is being strapped on the genital area to use when pretending to be the opposite sex.
  • ·         Anal dildo – this is used for the anal stimulation.
  • ·         Penis extenders – These are dildoes used by men with average sized penis. They wear it on their genitals to add extra length and to give their partner a more satisfying sex. Penis extenders can also be used by men who are having trouble with erection.

Dildoes have been used popularly for women masturbation but it can also play a nice role during foreplays.